Retaining Walls

Creating Beautiful Landscapes with Walls
6moSACIn addition to adding visual interest, retaining walls are often used to control erosion, manage runoff, create level spaces for patios, gardens, or structure. Retaining Walls can be used to literally sculpt the landscape and transform unusable hills into outdoor living spaces.

Which Wall is the Right Wall?

Boulder walls are often built from smooth, round glacial boulders, but there are many other boulder wall options to choose from

Modular Block Walls use pre-engineered, pre-cast concrete block that comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Sitting walls are popular around swimming pools and fire features. Low seat walls can also be free-standing, or used to retain soil for a planting bed or elevation change.

Stacked Stone Walls are constructed by specially trained staff without mortar between the stones. Yet they are strong, stable, lasting and have their own unique beauty.

Not everyone understands how to plan or build a retaining wall correctly. Mistakes in design or construction of retaining walls can create serious headaches (particularly water & erosion problems) for you or your neighbors. Executive Outdoor Living, LLC brings superior landscaping expertise to every project, often solving problems in advance that our competitors can’t foresee.