Fire Features

6moSACExecutive Outdoor Living’s residential and commercial landscaping services include custom fire pits installation and fire feature design to enhance your outdoor living space. Our professionally certified landscaping contractors are experts in innovative fire pits, fire places, torches and any custom features you can imagine.

Our Omaha, NE area clients trust us as their local landscaping company of choice due to our exceptional customer service and knowledge of fire features and the many options available. These fire pits serve as beautiful accent pieces for backyard patios, front entryways and courtyards.

As landscaping contractor, we recognize the benefits of having a custom fire feature as part of your residential or commercial landscape.   With Nebraska’s natural landscape and varied temperatures throughout the year makes fire pit installation a vital part of any outdoor living space. Custom fire pits can ward off the slight chill in the air in the early spring and fall—and yes, even the summertime- to allow you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors even when the temperatures change unexpectedly.   With a warm fire pit to sit around, you don’t have to change your outdoor entertaining plans due to the unpredictable Nebraska weather.   A firepit also instantly adds beauty and value to your home or commercial property. Our fire pit builders ensure your custom fire pit is naturally integrated with sitting walls and existing landscape architecture, to make outdoor living space an extension of your home or business.

When you enlist our landscaping services you can rest assured that your custom fire pit installation will include the finest workmanship, using top notch fire feature materials. Hear are a few types popular among our Omaha are clients:

Wood Burning Fire Pits: Wood burning fire pits invoke the feeling of sitting around a campfire, and feel the most natural. Wood Burning fire pits can be made using brick, stone, or additional materials, and use real wood to create the flame, all while keeping the fire contained easily.

Propane Fire Pits: A propane fire pit offers the most convenience because there is no need to buy wood and it can be ignited and shut off with the press of a button. Propane fire pits are available in nearly any design and size, and possess unique features, such as copper bowl fire pits or table-top fire pits.

Natural Gas Fire Pits: A natural gas fire pit never runs out of fuel, saving you time and money. Natural gas fire pits are often larger in scale and can easily become a stunning focal point for your outdoor landscape. Natural gas fire pits can also be uniquely designed. Natural gas fire pits are by and far the most popular fire feature we install. We can customize the exterior to any shape or size you desire. All of our burners are custom made for each project and your imagination is the only limit.

NOTE: Executive Outdoor Living, LLC wants to ensure we keep your home and business sage. We are required to follow city ordinances , thus, if there are wood burning fire pit restrictions or distances from structures we will follow these ordinances.   Our natural gas fire features will have all of the line buried in an 18” trench and each installation is inspected by MUD.