Service Plans

6moSACExecutive Outdoor Living, LLC Pre-Paid Service plans—Reasons to consider a Pre-paid service agreement plan;

There is a lot going on in your yard that can disturb and damage your sprinkler system: regular mowing, digging, car traffic, debris in the water line, electrical outages and more.   Add to this the fact that your sprinkler system runs at night, problems or damage can go undetected. A lot of water and money can be wasted.   Expensive landscapes can be damaged with over watering or under watering. A service plan will give you peace of mind and will protect your valuable landscape!

Our ELITE Plan Includes;

*Start Up
*Two Summer Adjustments (Jun-Aug)

Our SUPREME PLAN includes;

*Start up
* One Walk Through Mid-Summer

Our Premium Plan includes;

*Start -up

Our FLEX Plan Includes (for those doing their own start up);

*One Walk Through Mid-Summer


Start-up, Walk-Through and Winterizing Defined;

Start up- Includes turning on the water, checking sprinkler heads and valves for proper function and coverage, setting the controller, make needed minor adjustments and determining if there are any needed repairs*

Walk Through- Includes checking sprinkler heads and valves for proper function and coverage. Check and reset controller if necessary, make needed minor adjustments and determine if there are any needed repairs*

Winterizing- Includes draining the line from inside the home, blow the system free of water with a commercial air compressor and seal the shut off valves to prevent water from inadvertently being turned on during the winter months.

*Note-Repairs done will be billed on a time and material basis, the cost of materials is discounted by 10%.